One Bowl

Our mission is addressing food insecurity, loneliness through values of love, trust and generosity.

One Bowl’s mission is to change the world, One Bowl at a time.

We make dinner for people of all backgrounds and walks of life, irrespective of their economic status/ability.

We want to establish a safe place for everyone, and we encourage love, generosity, and equality through community life.

Our main goal is to resolve issues like food insecurity, loneliness, and social exclusion. Meals at One Bowl are offered on a ‘pay what you can’ basis in order to ensure a proper meal for everyone, regardless of their situation. This means that there are no set prices on any of our meals. We provide a suggested donation amount for our menu to help you understand the cost of “paying it forward” and how to help those who struggle with food insecurity. Everything you give over the suggested price is used to help others and to continue the work of One Bowl.


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